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  3. Parvus DuraMAR 5915 1X Series


Parvus DuraMAR 5915 1X Series


Cisco Technology • Cisco IOS-Managed Embedded Services Router (ESR) in Ultra-Rugged Enclosure
 • Standalone Router Subsystem or Variants with Integrated Marvel/Cisco/Vitesse Ethernet Switches
 • Cisco 5915 Advanced Enterprise IOS for Robust Information Assurance, Dynamic Layer 3 IPv4 / IPv6 Routing, QoS Management, Mobile Ad Hoc Networking, Remote Call Manager, Radio Aware Routing (RAR)
 • Robust Information Assurance: Common Criteria Evaluation and Validation Scheme (CCEVS) EAL2 Certified and Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Validation on Cisco 5915 ESR
 • Integrated Services Router (ISR) Features Support Concurrent Data, Video, and Voice Services, as well as Firewall and Hardware Accelerated AES Encryption/NSA Suite B in IOS
 • Modular, Open Architecture Rugged COTS PC104 Hardware Design
 • MAR-5915-0X Series (Standalone Router): 5x Ethernet Ports (3x 10/100 Switched, 2x 10/100 Routed)
 • MAR-5915-1X Series (Router+Marvel Switch):19x Ethernet Ports (15x GbE Switched, 2x 10/100 Switched, 2x 10/100 Routed)
 • MAR-5915-2X Series (Router+Cisco Switch): 23x Ethernet Ports (2x GbE Switched, 17x 10/100 Switched, 2x 10/100 Routed)
 • MAR-5915-3X Series (Router+Vitesse Switch): 23x Ethernet Ports (19 GigE Switched, 2x 10/100 Switched, 2x 10/100 Routed)
 • Extreme MIL-STD-810G Shock, Vibration, Thermal, Altitude, Humidity Conditions (DO-160G Pending for 2X/3X Models)
 • -40 to +71C Fanless Extended Temp Operation with No Moving Parts
 • Corrosion-Resistant, Aluminum Chassis Sealed Against Water, Dust, EMI
 • Circular MIL-DTL-38999 Connectors for Reliable Network Connections
 • Filtered, Transient-Protected Power Supply for Aircraft and Vehicle Use
 • Demanding MIL-461F Conducted/Radiated Emissions & Susceptibility (DO-160G Pending for 2X/3X Models)
 • Data Zeroization Support to Erase Sensitive Information
 • Conformal Coating for Humidity/Tin-Whisker Mitigation
 • Flexible / Robust Mounting – Base Flange Mount or Side Boss Mount
 • Civil and Military Tactical In-Vehicle LAN Switching / WAN Routing
 • Extending Cisco Systems Enterprise Networking Infrastructure Beyond the Reach of Traditional Fixed-Networks into Mobile and Embedded Networking Applications
 • Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) - On-Demand Network Connectivity in Mobile Deployments When Connected to UHF, VHF, Wi-Fi and Tactical Radio Platforms
 • Remote IP Telephony on Vehicles or Outdoor Locations using Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (CME): Supports up to 50 phones for VoIP Services for Command-and-Control Communications
 • Aggregation of Peripheral Devices (Cameras, Sensors, Computers) from Outdoor and Embedded IP Network Infrastructure into a Manageable, Highly Secure IP Network
 • Ground Vehicle / Aircraft / Maritime Platforms with Size, Weight & Power (SWaP) Constraints
 • C4ISR Situational Awareness / Technology Refresh / Retrofit / Line Replaceable Units (LRUs)
 • Technology Migration Path for Legacy Cisco 3200 (3230 / 3250 / 3270)-based Router and Cisco Catalyst 2955-Based Networking Subsystems, including DuraMAR 1000, DuraMAR 3230, and DuraNET 2955
 • Managed Layer 3 IP Network Routing and Layer 2 Local Area Network (LAN) Ethernet Switching in Harsh Temperature and Vibration Environments for IP-Enabled Equipment (i.e. On-board Computers, Cameras, Sensors, Radios, Satcom Modems, Monitoring Devices, and Command-and-Control Gear)
 • Mobile, Tactical, Airborne, and Vehicle Networking Applications Upgrading Situational Awareness and/or Network Centric Capabilities at Network Edge in Demanding Embedded Networking Environments (e.g. Defense, Homeland Security, Energy, Industrial, Oil & Gas Platforms, Underground Mining Equipment, Offshoring Drilling Rigs, Shipping Vessels, Electric Utility Substations, Railway Train Rolling Stock, Fleet Transportation, Outdoor Embedded Networks, etc).
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